Our story

When I was younger, I had a pet that ran away constantly. Every time, my heart would break, but it seemed there was nothing we could do except stick a few posters up and hope they would return.

Skip forward a decade, and after a long day working in advertising, I was cycling home seeing missing pet poster after missing pet poster stuck to lamposts and dripping in the rain. The information was limited, and they were hard to read. Finding them would be an impossible task. Then it came to me. There must be a way to use social media ads for good.

My friend and I sat down together and advertised a local missing cat to neighbors in the area on Facebook and Instagram. Comments, likes, and shares started to roll in. Before I knew it, a sighting of the cat was reported, and the owner was able to track her down and get her home.

I couldn’t believe how effective it was! That was when I realized I wanted to help as many pet owners as possible this way.

Today, PetRadar has become so much more, thanks to our growing team of animal lovers. We have developed into the go-to app for pet parents, creating a network that offers support, advice, and guidance, and has already reunited over 10,000 pets with their owners!

Facts about PetRadar


3 years

In just 3 years, we have accomplished our dream of helping pet owners. And we’re thinking of new ways to grow every day!


13817 pets found

Over 13817 pets have been reunited with their families after using our service. On average, 68% comes back home.


91 Countries

We’re currently finding lost pets all around the world. We’re active in 91 countries now, but we hope to expand even further soon!

Our team

Lauren Jeffries

Lauren Jeffries

SEO Specialist

Esther Martinez Candela

Esther Martinez Candela

Spanish Lead

Vincent Faure

Vincent Faure

French Lead

David Olthaar

David Olthaar


Tom Beusch

Tom Beusch


Alexandra Soanca

Alexandra Soanca

Customer Support & Operations Lead

Stijn Timmermans

Stijn Timmermans

Full Stack Developer

We are hiring!

Our team is growing fast, and we’re always looking for motivated and talented people.

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