How to Design the Best Lost Pet Flyer

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Missing pet flyers can be very effective for finding your lost pet, but it's important they are designed well in order to grab the attention of passers-by.

We'll be exploring top tips for designing your lost pet flyer before looking at specific advice for missing dogs and cats.

It's also important to consider trying digital missing pet posters. By using the power of social media, you can reach thousands of people and make them aware of your lost furry friend.

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Designing the best lost pet flyer

Distributing lost pet flyers is an essential strategy for finding your missing furry friend. However, in order for them to be effective, they need to include all the essential information and be designed in an eye-catching style.
For all posters, there are some basic design tips you should follow:

Color pallet: Sticking to two or three colors will make the flyer clear and attention grabbing. Use primary colors and ones associated with urgency or emergency, like reds and yellows. Don't use pastel colors or very dark colors.

Title: Make sure your title is short and bold. It should take up a quarter of the poster and be written in a sans-serif font.

Photos: Photos should be high quality and printed in color. Avoid blurred or zoomed-out images.

Printing: Print your poster in color and ideally on waterproof paper. If you can't do this, either laminate it or put it in a clear plastic wallet to avoid the ink running in the rain.

Information: Keep writing to a minimum, and make sure it is in a large and clear font. Try using bullet points instead of paragraphs.

Reward: Offering a reward is a personal decision. It can catch people's attention and motivate them to actively search for your furry friend, so it's worth considering.

A dog looking at a notice board to show it's a good place to hang a lost pet flyer

Lost pet poster for dogs

For a lost dog, posters are important to make it clear that your pup isn't a stray. This will mean they are more likely to be picked up and taken to local animal shelters rather than ignored or avoided. After all, 90% of lost dogs are found. So, the odds are in your favor!
Be sure to include:

Photos: A clear photo of your whole dog is essential, but remember also to include close-up, high-quality images of memorable physical traits like markings, a short tail, or white socks.

Temperament: Something that's important to include for dogs is a description of their temperament. If your dog is likely to be frightened or timid, then you need to prevent members of the public from approaching them. Similarly, you should make it clear if you think they could be aggressive to avoid any unfortunate situations.

Contact details: As well as the general area where you live, you should include a contact phone number or an email address so people can easily report sightings.

90% of lost dogs are found. So, the odds are in your favor!

A phone with a photo of a lost dog on it

Lost pet poster for cats

Lost pet flyers are essential for finding lost cats because people are less likely to hand them in to shelters if they’re unsure whether they are lost or not.
Cats are notoriously curious and will often wander into your neighbors' gardens and even their houses. So, to make sure the people in your area know your cat is missing, you need to make an attention-grabbing flyer. Follow these top tips:

Focus on specific physical traits: Many cats look the same, so be sure you mention specific and memorable physical traits. This can include the collar they are wearing, the type of cat they are, and specific markings.

Include where they like to go: We know our cats have their favorite spots to snooze in and their favorite places to explore. Make sure you include this information on the flyer so people know where to look!

Example of an eye catching missing cat poster

Use PetRadar's free lost pet flyers

To save time so you can focus on doing everything you can to get your best bud home, you can download and print our expertly designed and personalized missing pet posters for free.


By using PetRadar's poster, you won’t need to publish any private contact details to the public. Unfortunately, making your contact number available does invite prank calls and misuse of your data. This is the last thing you need when you're in an already distressing situation.
Instead, we use unique QR codes. This means passers-by can simply scan the code with their phone. This will then take them to your pet listing on our website, where they can report a sighting or leave any kind of useful comment. We'll then notify you of this straight away so you can be proactive in your search.

Unfortunately, making your contact number available does invite prank calls and misuse of your data. This is the last thing you need when you're in an already distressing situation.

PetRadar's free downloadable missing pet poster

How can I download them?

It's completely free to download them, just follow these steps:


Go through the signup flow, filling in the details about your missing pet and your contact details


Either pay for our digital search or simply stop the process if you'd just like the free posters


We will then email you your downloadable personalized poster featuring your missing pet

Insider Info: There is no obligation to upgrade to the paid search, we just want to help you find your furry friend!
PetRadar dashboard showing the sign up flow to get the poster

Try digital missing pet posters

We have mentioned our paid search, but what exactly does this mean? Well, we have come up with an alternative to the printed missing pet poster after seeing so many ruined and unreadable outside. Instead, we tap into the power of social media.

How does a PetRadar search work?

To start a PetRadar search, all you need to do is tell us where your pet was last seen, some information about them, and how large a search radius you want.
We'll then create a digital missing pet poster and distribute it as a sponsored post on Facebook and Instagram. This means a post about your furry friend will pop up as an ad on over 4000 of your neighbors' social media feeds.
From the post, they can report a sighting, send it to a friend, or save it for later. We also:

Provide you with a personal dashboard where you can manage the search, monitor sightings and interactions with the post, and increase the search radius

List your pet as missing on our website

Send you our free printable lost pet flyer

Offer personal support and guidance throughout the whole process

We've already reunited {{petsFoundBack}} lost pets with their owners this way, so you're in good hands!
PetRadar's expert team surrounded by dogs they have found


What should be included in a lost pet flyer?

In your lost pet flyer, you should include high-quality images, a physical description, your contact details, and where your pet was last seen.

Do lost cat posters work?

Yes, lost cat posters work when trying to spread the message of your missing pet. Lost pet flyers help notify as many neighbors as possible so more people are on the lookout for your furry friend.

How do you make a flyer for a lost dog?

To make a flyer for a lost dog, you need to include high-quality images, a contact number, a description of your dog, and where they were last seen. Design it in a clear and eye-catching way and print it in color. Make sure you print on waterproof paper or put it in a clear plastic wallet before hanging it up.

How do you hang lost pet flyers?

To hang your lost pet flyer, you'll need to first print it in color on waterproof paper. If you haven't got waterproof paper, you can laminate it or put it in a clear plastic wallet. You can then hang it on public notice boards, lamposts, or in community centers using a staple gun, nail gun, or waterproof tape.

Do lost pet flyers work?

Yes, lost pet flyers work by spreading the message of missing pets to a community. This means as many neighbors as possible are aware that your furry friend is lost.

Are you allowed to put up lost pet posters?

Different countries have different laws about hanging missing pet flyers. Make sure you check the rules in your area first.

Final thoughts

Creating and distributing missing pet flyers is an important aspect of finding your furry friend. While they are great at spreading the message throughout your neighborhood, trying a digital search will increase your chances of finding them.
If you're currently missing your best bud, start a PetRadar search. We'll do all we can to get your dog, cat, or any other animal back home and safe. We’ve already reunited 8000+, so you know you’ll be in good hands!

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