My Rabbit Escaped, Will It Survive? Important Answers

An escaped rabbit trying to survive in the wild

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It's every owner's worst nightmare when their fluffy friend escapes. We can find ourselves feeling hopeless and wondering whether they'll survive the great outdoors.

The unfortunate reality is that most pet bunnies won't be able to live a long, happy life in the wild.

But don't panic. We're exploring the best tips and tricks to find a lost rabbit so you can get your best bud home safe as soon as possible.

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Can rabbits survive in the wild?

Unfortunately, pet rabbits are fantastic escape artists. This means that many pet parents will have experienced the devastating realization that their bunny is lost in the wild.
Realistically, lost pet rabbits don't have the necessary survival instincts and skills to survive in the wild. Rabbits are prey animals, meaning they have many different predators, from foxes to birds of prey.
While your rabbit may be able to find shelter, food, and water, it's unlikely they'll be able to avoid or survive attacks by predators. This means it's unlikely they'll survive and thrive in the wild. However, it's not doom or gloom because if you act quickly, you can get them back home safely.
Expert Insight: It's a bad idea to set free a domestic rabbit or to let a pet rabbit loose. This is because they don't have the survival skills wild rabbits have.
Pet rabbit escaped in the wild and trying to survive

How to find a lost pet rabbit

Finding lost domestic rabbits can feel like an impossible task. But don't panic. With a proactive approach, you can increase the chances of getting your pet bunny home.

Spread the message

Your neighbors are invaluable when trying to find your fluffy friend. The more people on the lookout, the better!
Be sure to do the following to spread the message of your missing pet as far as possible:

Distribute lost pet posters: Creating eye-catching missing pet flyers and sticking them up in places with high footfall around your neighborhood can be an effective way to spread the message. To get started, download PetRadar's free, personalized missing pet poster.

Post on social media: WhatsApp and Facebook groups for your local area can be a great space to connect with neighbors and ensure as many people know about your lost bunny as possible.

Knock door-to-door: Sometimes, the best way to encourage your neighbors to help you search is to have a direct conversation with them. Knocking door-to-door gives you the opportunity to pass on photos and any extra information that may help them identify your rabbit.

photo of a pet rabbit on a phone

Start a PetRadar search

When you report your rabbit missing to PetRadar, we'll create a digital missing pet poster. We'll distribute this poster on Facebook and Instagram as a sponsored post or advertisement that targets and alerts over 4000 people in your area.
This means when your neighbors are scrolling through their social media feeds, an image and description of your lost bunny will pop up. From the post, they can report a sighting, send it to a friend, or save it for later. We'll notify you as soon as any sightings are reported and provide you with a personal dashboard where you can monitor the post's reach and engagement.
We also:

Send you an expertly designed missing pet poster: Our personalized posters use a unique QR code, so you don't have to publish your personal contact details and risk getting prank calls or scammed. This means when passers-by see the poster, they can simply scan the code with their phone and be taken to the listing of your missing pet on our site.

Offer constant support and guidance: Our team of animal lovers will be with you every step of the way. We'll send you regular updates on your search, provide articles full of relevant and practical advice, and be there for a chat whenever you need.

List your pet on our website: We'll also create a listing of your lost bunny on our website. This means if someone does find them and searches for lost rabbits in the area, your listing will pop up on search engines, and they'll be able to contact you straight away!

PetRadar's expert team searching for an escaped pet rabbit

Trap or lure them back home

We know our bunnies are hungry little animals, and it's unlikely they'll be able to resist the temptation of a crunchy carrot or some juicy lettuce. So, once you've located them and ensured you're both safe, sit down and try to lure them to you by:

Scattering their favorite food around you

Offering treats

Keep talking to them gently (their hearing is better than their eyesight)

A humane or live trap can be useful when nothing else is working. These work by luring your pet into a box or metal crate. When your bunny has entered it, usually to get a tasty treat, a wall will come down, shutting the rabbit inside.
This doesn't harm your furry friend at all and will keep them safe and secure. However, do not leave your trap for long periods of time. This can leave your bunny in a vulnerable position and affect their wellbeing. Instead, check up on it every hour or so.
An escaped rabbit trapped in a humane trap


Do escaped rabbits come back?

Escaped lost rabbits can may find it difficult to find their way back home. However, if you are proactive, search for them, and take steps to lure them home, it will increase your chances of getting them back safely.

Can a domestic bunny survive outside?

Unfortunately, domestic bunnies are unlikely to survive outside in the wild. They don't have the right survival instincts to fight off potential predators and can struggle to find shelter and food.

How to find an escaped rabbit?

To find an escaped lost rabbit, you should start searching straight away. You can spread the message to neighbors and report them missing to ensure as many people are aware of your lost bunny as possible. You should also take steps to lure them back home using their favorite food and treats.

What to do if your bunny runs away?

If your bunny runs away, you should start searching for them as soon as possible. You should also report them missing, distribute lost pet flyers, and tell as many neighbors as possible to help track down your bunny. Luring them back home using treats and food can also be effective.

Why do rabbits escape?

Rabbits escape for many reasons, including boredom, instincts, neglect, and stress. However, the majority of the time, domestic rabbits escape purely for fun.

Final thoughts

So, while pet rabbits are unlikely to be able to survive if they've escaped, this doesn't mean you can't get them home safely! By using our steps and expert tips, you'll greatly improve your chances of finding your fluffy friend.
If you're still looking for your bunny, start a PetRadar search. We understand just how distressing this can be, and we'll be with you every step of the way. We've already reunited over 12,000 pets with their owners, so you'll be in good hands.

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